Girlfriends. They are the best! Some of them you’ve had since the fourth grade, some are from high school, others are from college and careers. Have kids in sports? You’ll have more girlfriends. It’s true that as we age, we definitely get pickier about our circle. We have less time, being a mom and a wife and working leaves little time for that glass of wine (or bottle) with a group of girlfriends. Whether you’re in the thick of it or your kids are off to college, continue to make time for the women who know all your secrets, mishaps and insecurities should be at the top of our list. Girlfriends can be the biggest pick-me-up as they fight in our corner, encourage and cheer us on in our achievements, laugh with us at our stupidity and cry with us in our pain.

No matter how crazy life gets, don’t ever stop having coffee with a girlfriend. You never know the next time you’re going to really need her. If it’s been awhile, pick up the phone or text and tell your girlfriends how blessed you are to have them in your life.

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