Milestone Birthdays

Milestone birthdays are the best because we can celebrate with our “besties”.  The older your milestone – the more memories you’ll have to look back on! Deana, one of the 4Girls owners, recently celebrated her 50th and invited women from different walks of her life. Her “12” included family, childhood friends, high school friends, college friends, colleagues, her daughter and besties she met through her children’s sports! To bond the “Terrific Twelve”, she wrote a synopsis of how she met each one, included some funny stories and how they blessed her life. On their first night together, she gathered them into the kitchen and read each one. Deana did this in the order as too when they came into her life, from birth (her aunt) to her mommy/sports besties. It gave everyone an inside perspective on who each one was and some back history. What they all realized, as they sipped wine, laughed, cried and took a trip down memory lane, was that they were all amazing human beings and an intricate part of her 50 years! How would she be here without them? And the rest of their time together was another one for the books – there’s nothing like a girl’s trip to celebrate the most important thing of all: our relationships! 

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