Breaking Cycles
Parenting Curriculum

“Parenting is the most important job on the planet! Quality parenting positively affects family, community and society. Never before have we seen such unrest in our country. I believe it is due in part to our society missing a key component: the father. A father brings leadership, discipline, love and a provider, which in turn curbs incarceration, drug abuse, poverty, teen pregnancy and much more! Let’s learn how to get back to the basics of the American Family!”
Every curriculum takes you, the parent, on a journey as to how you were raised, why you have certain beliefs and why you may feel triggered because of those beliefs. Utilizing an REBT approach, the parent will analyze their past and generational cycles that need to be broken. The REBT model utilizes an ABC Model:

A: Activating Event
B: Beliefs
C: Consequences

Additionally, to create lasting and effective change to ensure these disruptive patterns don’t get passed to the next generation, this curriculum adds the D and E:

D: Disputing – irrational beliefs
E: Effective – new belief
We encourage EVERY parent to take this journey. It can be very healing and bring awareness to the many reasons why and how we think and respond to life that will inevitably be passed down.


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